The Twelve Contemplative Principles

The Twelve Contemplative Principles represent relationships to life one can choose and embody in posture and practice. These relationships embrace Ultimate Reality as “Mystery-Centered” not “human-centered.” It is this alternative relationship to life the 21st Century Contemplative brings to the world.  In one form or another, these Contemplative Principles are at the heart of the message embodied by the founders of all universal wisdom traditions.

The Awesome XX (Unspeakable)

The Contemplative Principles supporting the Posture of Affirming Trust:

There is nothing to understand
.......Unknowing is my gateway to experience

There is nothing to believe
.......Practice is the path to my deliverance

There is nothing magic in the world
.......I dwell always in the encounter with Absolute Mystery

The Inner Journey

The Contemplative Principles supporting the Posture of Absolute Attention:

There is nothing else coming
.......The Contentless One I am seeking is already present,
      already here, already now, already enough

There is nothing “out there”
.......I dwell in my Quantum Cell where All is One

There is nowhere to go
.......There is only here; connecting within, all I seek is in this place

The Flow

The Contemplative Principles supporting the Posture of Universal Gratitude:

There is nothing to become
.......Authenticity manifests in transparency to my Essential Reality

There is nothing to seek
.......There is everything to find as I dwell in the One Presence;
       I am Whole, I am complete, I am One with All

There is nothing by which to be offended
.......I am lifted by all that is Real

The Mission

The Contemplative Principles supporting the Posture of Relaxed Intensity:

There is nothing to change
.......The Presence of the Changeless transforms all things

There is nothing to do
.......I let go and let flow as Creation happens through me

There is nothing to consume
.......I am fulfilled in the expenditure of the Light that I am


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